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About Us

We have been operating continuously since 1998. As one of the few companies on the Polish market, we have a full design, production and logistics base allowing comprehensive service in the field of store equipment and promotional sales support.

We provide our clients with complete equipment, displays, exhibition walls, display racks/stands, exhibition islands and elements of visual identification – light strips, light boxes.

Many years of experience in cooperation with customers from various industries has allowed us to organize the process of design and implementation of orders so that it is fast, efficient and least invonvinient for all participants of the supply chain.

How do we work?

We are not producing standard elements of stores’ equipement. Everything we create is the result of a specific demand of our customers.

We are flexible in the matter of terms and form of the cooperation. Everything we create is the result of a specific demand of our customers.

We are experts in problem solving. Our clients are provided with a complex service, from design to implementation of the best ready-to-use solutions at the salling point, regardless of the industry or location.




Display racks/



Why Us?

25 years of experience in retail marketing
We work for traditional and modern distribution channels
Innovative solutions
We observe the market and support our clients to always be one step ahead of the competition
Complex customer service
From design, through manufacturing, to in-store installation
Global presence
We offer our services to customers from all over Europe, as well as North America
Own machinery park
We are completely independent in production and unlimited in creation

They trusted Us

ELROB Sp. z o. o.
ul. Janka Muzykanta 60
02-188 Warszawa
VAT number (NIP): 817-217-49-54
Company ID number (REGON): 181050807
National Court Register (KRS): 0000489976

Helpline 17 583 30 21