Fiber laser / SALVAGNINI L3

Operating range: 1500×3000 mm, thickness up to 20 mm.
Processed materials: black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass.
Cut speed: up to 60 m/min.

Punching machine / TRUMPF

Operating range: 1250×2500 mm, thickness up to 5 mm.
Trimming, stamping, engraving, threading.
Fast trimming: 800 punches/min.
Retractable sheet holders ensure the highest quality and accuracy of details.

Edge presses / steel sheet bending

To bend elements we use 3 edge presses: pressure force – 50-150 tons, maximum sheet thickness – 8 mm, maximum length – 3000 mm
Automatic deflection arrow correction system.
Four-axis programmable stop (X, R, Z1, Z2 axis)
Automatic three-stage tines (Z1, Z2 axis)

Wire bender CNC / WAFIOS, OMAS

Wire bending range: from 3 mm to 8 mm
High performance PC based CNC control
Cutting unit with servo drive.
Programmable bending head with 3 bending axes.

Sealing machines / Welding

The scope of dimension welding up to 80KVA power of devices


Precise welding with the MIG-MAG, TIG and MAG methods

CNC-controlled hydraulic stamping machine for profiles

Operating range: up to 3000 mm.
Closed profiles with a maximum height of 120 mm.
Perforated holes of any shape.

Powder coating department

Maximum dimensions of the powder coated elements 2650 x 800 x 1350 mm
The production line enables powder coating with coatings of various thickness according to the full RAL palette.
In order to prepare the surface, we use a line consisting of an ultrasonic cleaner, a phosphating bath, and a rinsing bath.
The products are dried in convective gas chambers.
We have KPC painting booths with a cyclone

Plotter / Kimla

Operating range: 4000 x 1700 x 400 mm
The devices are designed for processing materials by the cutting method based on a computer-controlled tool path.
The machine is able to process any material that can be machined.
You can cut and mill plastics, foam, solid wood, MDF, plywood, hard materials, composites, metals, stone.

DMMS-40/340 sliding table saw

Panel saw from the Polish manufacturer REMA S.A. It sets the highest standards for sliding table saws. It is distinguished by a strong structure and high processing parameters.
The saw is designed for longitudinal and transverse sawing of materials such as: chipboards, laminated boards, plastics, etc.

Solvent print Roland

CMYK printing from the roll.
Maximum width: 1600 mm

Screen printing / M&R Renegade - semi-automatic

Maximum printing surface: 1020×1420 mm
Printing with solvent and uv inks.

Large format plotter Agfa Jeti 3020 Titan- 40 head.

Print area 3000x 2000 mm, height 80 mm
Printing with UV inks
It is designed for printing large volumes in a multi-hour, even round-the-clock mode, providing very high quality prints with very short production time.

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